Launched June 16, 2004
Owned by Multi View Networks
Slogan Give It Some Drama
Headquarters Jantino, Uniforfe.
Website www.hydrogen.com
Mash TV Channel 251
Dish Network Channel 127
Box Cable Channel 338
Available on most cable systems Check local listings for channels

Hydrogen is an American television netowkr with programming geared towards women, with a format similar to it's sister channel Neon and other network WPE Network. Hydrogen is a cable and satellite network.

History[edit | edit source]

The television group Multi View Networks already owned MultiView Network and a few younger children networks, but was looking for more, so created a trio of new networks. One called Slogan, one called Neon and this network, Hydrogen. Slogan is known for it's reality shows, Neon is known for comedy programming and that made Hydrogen known for programming Drama. By the beginning of 2004, the network allready had a schedule and all of it's programming planned. However in February 2004, Multi View Networks went into near bankrupcy and had to cut 2 of its 3 new networks, so they decided to cut Slogan and Hydrogen. However in March, for unknown reasons the networks returned with their original programming and scheduling. Promos of the new networks were shown on fellow Multi View Networks channels and payed the networks RBC, RTN, ERC and CTV to advertise on their networks, however only ERC agreed to the advertisements, so it got less public attention. By April 2004, a strong number of the public were allready purchasing the subscription to the cable version of the network. However it was free until the network launched on June 16, 2004. On June 16, 2004, the subscriptions started and programming commenced.

Logos[edit | edit source]

From the networks launch to 2008, Hydrogen used the logo to the right, as it was a network directed to women, they felt the colour and style appealed to the target audience. However it was not very outstanding, and looked quite boring. So in early 2008, the logo changed to the present one which contains a large H with 'HYDROGEN' written underneath it.


Programming[edit | edit source]

Current Original programming[edit | edit source]

  • Love, Live, Life
  • Dayton Lane
  • Mandy In The Big City
  • No Style
  • Look Further
  • The Glamorous Life
  • New Direction
  • Techno Divas
  • Nowhere

Upcoming[edit | edit source]

Past Original programs[edit | edit source]

Syndicated programming[edit | edit source]

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